Why the Y: What’s in a name.

It’s a common question: Why the Y? Why is the Y Conference called the Y?

Design storyteller Michael Dooley tells the origin of the name in a wonderful 4-part profile on the Y Conference in Print Magazine:

Sure, your boss will foot the bills for design conferences that tell you how to do this ‘n’ that. But the ones that probe the “whys,” they’re the much more significant and, ultimately, the most rewarding ones.

The year was 1996 and plans were being set for the first conference. The question: what to name it.

“At the time How magazine was coming on strong in the design community,” said David Conover of StudioConover. “And as we sat about tossing out possible names for the conference it occurred to me – as it always has – that strategic graphic design practitioners know how to use the tools to create, but differentiate themselves from others by also knowing why.”

And the rest as they say, is history.

The 2oth Annual AIGA San Diego Design Conference is happening this March 27 & 28 and features:

Sharon Werner
Founder/Creative Director
Werner Design Werks, Inc.

Julia Zeltser
Founding Partner

Michael Bierut
Partner, Pentagram

Justin Skeesuck
Speaker, Trainer, & Accessibility Consultant

Brian Gartside
Graphic Designer & Typographer

Jorge R. Gutierrez
Illustrator & Director
Principal, Mexopolis

Justin Manor
Partner & Co-Founder

Sandra Equihua
Principal, Mexopolis

Erik Natzke
Adobe Main Stage

Andrew Byrom – Moderator



By AIGA San Diego Tijuana
Published February 17, 2014