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Faculty Advisor: Sean Bacon /

“Being in the AIGA is what I believe is essential for a graphic design student. It helps you learn more about your community and other AIGA chapters. It is inspiring to see other members of AIGA bond together while meeting professionals. It is the oldest and largest professional organization for design. Benefits to joining are the local and national events. There are great work opportunities as there are members-only job listings. There are free education events and plenty of networking events. It is only beneficial to be in AIGA.” –Larry Vida

“For me, being a part of AIGA is all about learning, giving, and connecting. I am learning so much by putting my skills to use, I feel good that I can give some of my time to an excellent cause and the best thing about being a part of AIGA is getting to connect with other like-minded creative people.” –Michael Creighton

“One word: community.” –Katie Zychowicz

SD City School of Design

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