Stand Against Anti-Asian Racism and Violence

With anti-Asian violence spreading across the country and right here at home, we at AIGA San Diego are confirming our commitment to inclusive values.

Racial injustice in all forms is unacceptable. Together we can stop it.

We acknowledge that inherent bias persists in our industry, our society, and in ourselves. We are working to be part of a meaningful solution to enact positive change. To augment what AIGA is doing on a national level to stand up against anti-Asian hate, we thought it was important to share these resources with you.

  1. Educate yourself. The AIGA Design Educators Community (DEC) assembled this list of Anti-Asian Racism and Violence Resources (special thank you to DEC Steering Committee Member David Hisaya Asari for compiling).
  2. Listen. When someone is sharing their experiences, take the time to truly hear them.
  3. Share resources. Your institutions and community organizations have likely compiled resources of their own. If not, share Eye on Design’s Resource List or the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit.
  4. Support Asian businesses.  The Convoy Pan Asian Cultural and Business Innovation District is a good starting point. So is Little Saigon.
  5. Participate in anti-hate events in your community (and if you are able to volunteer or donate money you can have even greater impact). You can also engage with national organizations, such as Stop AAPI HateAnti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. On a local level, you can support the Asian Pacific American Coalition and Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA) San Diego.
  6. Integrate projects that emphasize ethics and inclusion. 
  7. Facilitate discussion in the classroom, the boardroom, at home. You can start by sharing an article or video to prompt ideas, or you can address current events.
  8. Consider the mental health of your students, staff, and family members. Make sure they have support and are aware of resources available to them. Also, take care of your own mental health, particularly if you have or are experiencing hate or discrimination.
  9. Be kind.

If you have additional information that could be of value please share it with us by emailing Thank you for standing together with us and for your continued support.

AIGA San Diego Board of Directors

By AIGA San Diego Tijuana
Published May 20, 2021