San Diego’s Unique Identity

Ron Miriello of Miriello Brand Expression, and a founding member of the AIGA San Diego chapter was recently interviewed by HATCH about innovation born in San Diego.

“A love for the outdoors is a common thread in all walks of life,” he said.

Having recently hiked the Cuyamaca Peak Loop in Julian with Ron, Petra Ives and Richard Ybarra, I heartily agree. That morning we trekked over six miles up to the peak at 6,512 feet. As we stretched our legs, our eyes were filled with the light and shadows cast from dead trees left from recent fires that had swept through the area, as well as the new green growth.

The overlap of the living and the dead created contrasts, textures and a natural palette of tints and tones. The beauty of the landscape literally made us all exclaim with its visual delights and at times remain silent in wonder.

If you haven’t yet joined your fellow AIGA SD members on a hike, there will be more opportunities to do so. Enjoying the region’s natural landscape is just one of the advantages we have living and working here.

Read Miriello’s interview by HATCH to hear his take on the other elements of San Diego’s unique and complex identity. “San Diego Deconstructed: What makes the city stand out?”

By Joelyn Brickner, Copywriting Director
Published April 10, 2018