2019 Portfolio Review

May 11, 2019 at Liberty Station Conference Center

San Diego AIGA Student Portfolio Review brings together 40 graduating graphic design students for an all-day review with professionals offering awards in 13 categories, 1st–3rd place and overall. Awards are sponsored by studios, agencies and individuals who take pride in recognizing the hard work of the emerging new generation of designers.

2019 Portfolio Review Winners

1st Place: Olivia Larsen

2nd Place: Matt Hawes

3rd Place:  Beatrice Nielsen

Best Branding: Olivia Larsen

Best Cross Cultural: Chiara Barbagallo

Best Design for Good: Ami Ipapo-Glass

Designer as Entrepreneur: Nate Grant

Best Environmental: Jamil Lat

Best Hand-Crafted: Emmy Forbes

Best Illustration: Kristina Tran

Best Interactive: Betty Lau

Best Typography: Emily Carolina

Best Advertising: Cynthia Abril

Best Packaging: Rebecca Lambertsen
Best Packaging: Evangelina Rios

Best Publication: Kathryn Zychowicz

2019 Event Sponsors

Thank you to all of our category sponsors for your support and proof that hard work has reward!

Category Award Sponsors
• 1st Place: Visual Asylum ($1000)
• 2nd Place: Patera Design ($750)
• 3rd Place: Art Center ($500)
• Advertising: Clove St Press ($250)
• Branding: Buchanan Design ($250)
• Cross Cultural Design: Studio Conover ($250)
• Design for Good: Bex Brand ($250)
• Designer as Entrepreneur: Incitro ($250)
• Environmental: Hollis BC ($250)
• Handcrafted: Visual Asylum ($250)
• Illustration: Joie Luxe Studio ($250)
• Interactive: FreshForm ($250)
• Packaging: MiresBall ($250)
• Publication: EFM ($250)
• Typography: Bulldog Drummond ($250)

In-Kind Sponsor
• Photo Booth: Enormously

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