Meredith Dittmar’s Crowd-sourced Sculpture

Meredith Dittmar was one of the most endearing speaker’s at this year’s Y Conference.

Meredith reported her experience on her Facebook page: “Recently I faced a major fear and got up in front of 200 people at a creative conference and dished about the kind of stuff you would expect (mainly consciousness and the true nature of reality) and tried to hopefully inspire a few people to look a little deeper for themselves. IT. WAS. AWESOME.”

If you attended the conference, you’ll remember that she had a small piece of clay passed out to every attendee.

“When we collected the pieces after her talk, we were so amazed at what our Y18 attendees produced,” said Y committee member Jasmine Jimenez.

Meredith used these pieces to create a single piece of sculpture to share with us. “Here’s just one of little nugget of inspiration that came out of that talk for me. For now I’m calling it Crowd Sourced Sculpture.”

Meredith’s hands-on project was a hit with excellent reviews in our Post-Y survey – a great addition to another very successful Y.

You can read more about Meredith’s experience here:

By AIGA San Diego Tijuana
Published July 9, 2013
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