Ron Miriello

What is your background?

San Diego became home after being inspired for life by time in Italy. I decided early-on to experiment with design in as many forms as my hands could manage. That Italian tradition of craftsmanship has meant the word “design” goes far beyond type, composition and color.

Why did you decide to become an AIGA Member?

I joined AIGA/SD on a dare from my peers- “Let’s start a San Diego chapter!”. A cadre of young designers who felt it was time to appear on the national stage and aspire to work on a national level. Peer pressure can be a good thing.

What inspires you?

Making connections. Friends inspired by meeting each other. Bringing new life to forgotten things. Turning a mistake into a prize. Being the worst in the room at something. Moving ahead with the improbable.

Why do you think being creative is important to you?

Training the mind to see possibilities, connections, being open to the ideas of others – are life-fundamental to being imaginative. A career as a designer holds within it an opportunity to design a life.