Frankie Margotta

Frankie Margotta is a Senior Strategist at Siegel + Gale, a global brand experience firm. He considers the position to be one of his greatest professional accomplishments. He is energized by his clients and colleagues alike, and sees them as some of the smartest and most talented people he’s ever met. Margotta finds inspiration throughout San Diego, and appreciates the vastness of the city, the creativity of its residents and the many sub-cultures within it. Frankie pursued his BA in Visual Communications from Savannah College of Art and Design while on active duty as a Special Operator for the U.S. Military, a position he held for eleven years. He sees his AIGA membership as a catalyst of inspiration, and has found that his AIGA connections have helped him to feel more at home within our diverse creative community. Margotta is a sneakerhead and coffee addict and is always on the hunt for both.


What is your background?

I live in San Diego, CA, and currently am a Strategist with Siegel+Gale, a global brand experience firm, as a part of the Los Angeles team. Leading up to this, I spent eleven years employed as a Special Operator for the US military, globally purposed with finding creative solutions to unusual problems. I won. I lost. I learned. I taught. And eventually, I left. I earned my BA in Visual Communication from the Savannah College of Art and Design while on active duty, freelancing, and volunteering, which led me to hold the position of Copywriting Director for AIGA San Diego (Jan2019-Jan2022)

Why did you decide to become an AIGA Member?

I wanted to be more connected to my local creative community. The more people I met, the more I felt at home and inspired by the incredible people not only in my city, but across the organization.

What are you most proud of professionally?

Earning my current role. When I was an aspiring Strategist, Siegel+Gale was on my short list of firms. Now, I’m a part of that team, working on global brands with some of the smartest, most talented people I’ve ever met.

What’s the most audacious/bold thing you have ever done?

Switching careers from US Special Operations to Branding. It took tremendous effort, endurance, discipline and commitment from my entire family—along with a bit of luck.

What are your other interests outside of work?

I’m a bit of a sneakerhead and coffee addict. I’m always on the hunt for either.

What inspires you?

San Diego inspires me. It’s a vast city, full of creativity, community and so many sub-cultures. The people, the architecture, the history, the whole vibe—it never ceases to amaze me.

Why do you think being creative is important to you?

Creativity amplifies imagination and new possibilities. It’s a vehicle that enables us to broach the unexplored, solve problems, and perpetually improve how we connect with both the world and each other.

What was your favorite AIGA event that you attended and why?

Attending the National Conference in 2019 was memorable for me. I met a lot of great people and was able to experience the full breadth of the organization, which was really special.