It’s a bunch of nonSENSE at Y18 Senses.


In the spirit of sustainability and with a SENSE of fun the Living Principles for Design turned Friday lunch at the AIGA San Diego Y18 Senses Design Conference into a fun, interactive arts and crafts competition.

Attendees were asked – don’t trash your lunch boxes – create a trash sculpture out of it instead. The competition was called nonSENSE TRASH! Sculpture Competition. Approximately 30 attendees participated in this fun activity to win the coveted Trash Award as well as three design books, a Starbucks gift card and red, green, and blue clown noses.

The stakes were high as designers formed creative groups, shared craft items and ideas that resulted in one-of-a-kind designs. The rules for this competition were simple – keep the sculptures tasteful but not edible by using only the lunch box, its contents and any found trash but no food. They were also able to use craft items located at the Living Principles table such as scissors, tape, glue, crayons and of course goggly eyes.


A Trashy Competition
Finished trash sculptures were later displayed in the Y Conference’s Resource Center on Friday and in the entrance foyer on Saturday. The designs were judged by AIGA San Diego chapter board members Chapter President Bobby Buchanan and LINK Director Karen Morrison. It was hard to pick a favorite from the many trashy, fun and creative designs but the judges decided upon awarding first place to Candice Warner for her well-constructed sculpture of a penguin. Second place went to a cascading cutout design by Chris Villalovoz and third place went to a designer for his MARK the SHARK creation (sharp teeth and all).

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Living Principles: Creative Action for Collection Good.
This creative, positive and interactive activity created by AIGA San Diego chapter, Living Principles, highlighted in a lighthearted way how designers can repurpose materials for reuse. The activity also created a positive atmosphere that allowed individuals to mingle and share resources while using their minds to solve design issues.

The Living Principles promoted the value of having a good sense of humor and creative play by creating the nonSENSE TRASH! Sculpture Competition and by highlighting the benefits of having a good sense of humor during the Y18 Sense Conference.

The Living Principles for Design, developed by AIGA, provides resources and actionable opportunities to help designers create lasting change. The San Diego AIGA Chapter supports the Living Principles by incorporating components of its principles/practices into all AIGA events and through its infrastructure.

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By AIGA San Diego Tijuana
Published March 29, 2013
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