Redesigning Planet Earth. Earth Day, Balboa Park


How design impacts planet Earth.

What is big and round and holds every person and their lifetime carbon footprint within it? Planet Earth. AIGA San Diego will be displaying a booth, made from pallet pieces, turned into a display wall, at the annual Balboa Park Earth Day on April 22, 2018. Our goal is to educate about how designers make the Earth a better place, and how humans can make conscious decisions to consume products designed to support the health of our planet.

For the first time ever, AIGA San Diego will be making history at Earth Fair on Earth Day at Balboa Park! Come and visit our repurposed booth exhibit, get creative at our craft station, and join in the fun helping spread the word to make the World a better place. You can find us across from the Botanical Garden Lilly pond on El Prado, in front of MOPA.

When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001