Designer Launch Series 2: Stage 1

Getting your design career started is hard. This series will make it easier.

If you're currently enrolled in school or just beginning your design career, we invite you to join our second annual Designer Launch Series. We'll help you connect what you know with what you need and make sure you're set up for success.


Stage 01: Discovering Design Crafts (virtual event)

What's the difference between a UI and UX designer, a product designer, and a graphic designer? Are you a design generalist or should you specialize? Does product or marketing best suit your interests and skills? In this session, you'll learn about the crafts commonly found in the design industry: Product Design, Design Research, Content Design, Design Technology, and Design Operations. After a general overview, you'll break out into small groups with professionals from each craft to learn about their career path, their day-to-day, and examples of the work they do. Bring your curiosity and questions!


You will receive the Zoom link prior to the start of the event.

When & Where
Thu, Nov 12, 2020 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM PST