Creative Sphere: Refueling our Creative Spirit & Work

Part of the natural course of creative evolution is to begin again or begin anew. Our work as creative professionals calls on us to constantly create and recreate—sometimes for us, mostly for others. The demands over time of deadlines, deliverables and project after project keep us constantly churning out new and ever greater work. And that’s if we’re lucky enough to have that constant stream of work.

With the near-constant demands refueling is not just fun, but critical for our long-tern success in the industry. Having strong habits, ferocious discipline and self-commitment to engage in recreational activities that ignite our energy is essential. Nurturing our creative self is as much a job for the professional creative as is the creative aspects to our world.

The word “recreation” has its roots in creation and renewal. It also has mental, psychological and spiritual foundations. The stimulation of recreation creates a curing and refreshing of the self. Inspiration can typically only be found with fresh eyes and an open mind. Thus, refueling ourselves is necessary for growth, personally and professionally. When we grow as creative and as leaders our work deepens and the effects amplify.

Questions we might explore:
• How do we refuel, re-energize and get re-inspired?
• As we’re consistently amplifying the quality of our work, where do we find evolved inspiration and time for constant learning?
• How do we nurture our own creative spirit so we can show up tomorrow better, brighter and engaged?
• How do we foster a cultivating a friendship with the unknown, the path in our work or our personal lives yet explored?
• How do we rise to the challenges of reinvention, recreation and evolution—personally and professionally?
• Is the best part of ourselves being invited forward? What is that invitation?
• In the reinvention process, what are we saying “no” to? What are the conversations we need to stop having in order to deeply create or recreate?

When & Where
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