Creative Sphere: Courage and the Creative Leader

Creative Sphere — Conversations amongst creative leaders.

Creative Sphere is a combination of creative salon (borrowed from the 16th and 17th century European traditions of idea-sharing) and open-kimono (not literally) conversations that center squarely on the foundational questions that challenge us as creative leaders and thinkers.

These gatherings are designed primarily for seasoned professionals and leaders in the creative field, and will be topical conversations that invite sharing, listening, perspective and growth.

Oct. 8 topic: Courage and the Creative Leader.

In too many organizations (studios, agencies and clients) there is a lack of courageous conversations taking place. It is the leader’s job to make sure to instigate these conversations at every level. It takes courage, confidence, trust, faith, risk. This indeed may be one of the most challenging aspects of leadership, to foster both an environment and an approach for the courageous conversation and to be brave enough to both invite it and to listen. Paradoxically, the more courage we bring to our work and work environments the more openness and trust that exists. Thus, more creativity, innovation and productivity flow.

Questions we might explore:
• What does it take to lead with courage in today’s demanding creative world? What are the tools and approaches we use to foster this?
• How do we, as creative leaders, encourage and inspire courage amongst our team, our clients, our partners, our work and foster it within our selves?
• What are the courageous questions we’re asking ourselves as leaders?
• How do we show up in our work and our personal lives with fierce vulnerability?
• Are we inviting the best parts of ourselves forward? How does that show up for us?
• How do we wade into courageous conversations in our industry and with ourselves?
• What opportunities are being created because of courageous steps we’ve taken?

Creative Sphere will be an open and robust gathering of like-minded creative leaders and seekers (we know you’re out there) who are exploring the deeper, more challenging questions that surround leading and working in the creative industry and living with robust artistry.

Creative Sphere will be hosted by Steven Morris, President and Founder of Mth Degree a strategic brand evolution agency. Gatherings will take place on Saturday mornings at the craft-Italian eatery BIGA (great coffee and espresso) in the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego, but locations may move from time to time. To keep the conversations as lively and intimate as possible, we will limit signups to 20 people max.

What Creative Sphere is not: These are not mentorship sessions, “how to” meetings, sales pitches, financial benchmarking, a workshop or “stand and deliver” presentations. These gathering are not designed to chart your career path, polish your resume, hone your presentation skills, or the like.

We invite you to come prepared to openly discuss and explore the topic at hand in a manner that benefits you and the Creative Sphere collective.

Attendance is free to AIGA members and is on a first-to-sign-up-gets-a-spot basis. Maximum of 20 spots. You buy your own coffee, espresso or breakfast. Please show up a few minutes early to order your java and food.

When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001