Breakfast Club Hometown Heroes Series: December 2017

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December 9, 2017
Communicating “Culture" through Design
Host: Tyler Blik
Location: 416 13th Street, SD 92101

Is there a higher road through the chaotic fabric of 21st century humanity? Tyler Blik says “Yes. There is still beauty in this world.” Join fellow AIGA SD members for another inspired morning of creative collaboration. Blik will discuss how designing for educational, art and historical social institutions help to define our society, our culture and ourselves.

The morning’s forum will include discussions about questions like: “‘Why is there a current lack of civil obedience?’ ‘Why is there so much divisiveness?’ ‘As designers, how might we turn the tide of fears and project greater happiness and a higher level of cultural interaction?’ ‘How do we make choices about the clients we do work for ­– a defense contractor or an institution that encourages people or brings beauty to the world?’”

Tyler Blik is the principal of San Diego-based design firm Blik, guiding brand communication systems for a diverse roster of clients from blue chip companies to community-based non-profits.

He and his firm have been widely recognized for their dedication in connecting people to new ideas and experiences, while promoting more community-based, socioeconomic design solutions.

Upcoming Breakfast Club Hometown Heroes

January 20, 2018
Community-Centered Design/Urban Design/Graffiti Arts Park
Host: Bennett Peji
Location: Jacobs Center/WriterzBlok 404 Euclid Ave SD 92114

February 2018
This should still be fun! (ish)
Host: Esther Coit
Location: 10525 Vista Sorrento Pkwy #105

March 2018
Topic TBD

Hosts: Bobby Buchanan & Charlie Van Vechten
Location: 5230 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite 210, SD 92121

April 14, 2018
Using Design and Illustration to promote diversity.
Hosts: Candice and Rafael Lopez
Location: 843 Tenth Avenue. Studio C. San Diego, CA 92101

May 2018
What gets in your way of doing great work?

Hosts: Laura Coe Wright, COE Design and Cheryl Dine, Design Perspectives
Location: 740 13th Street, Suite 504, San Diego, CA 92101

Past Breakfast Club Hometown Heroes

August 12, 2017
Why are communication pros poor communicators?
Host: Dave Conover
Location: 3131 Reynard Way, San Diego, CA 92103

September 16, 2017
Professional Development: Exploring how designers limit ourselves unknowingly
Host: Ron Miriello
Location: 921 So 26th Street Barrio Logan 92113

October 21, 2017
Women Lead
Hosts: MaeLin & Amy Levine
Location: Visual Asylum 1045 14th Street SD CA 92101

November 4, 2017
Keep the fire burnin'
Host: Don Hollis
Location: 2479 Kettner Blvd, SD 92101

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