Bring your entire department to the Y Design Conference

Every year the creative department at Roni Hicks, a creative agency committed to community development in Carmel Valley, shuts down and heads to AIGA San Diego’s Y Design Conference. Art director, studio artists and copywriter all attend (collectively known as the Hicks).

We asked them about their experience at the Y Conference.

AIGA: So the entire creative department attends?

The Hicks: We’re not just a design department, we’re family. This is our 3rd or 4th year to all be going together.

AIGA: Does this help build department morale?

The Hicks: Totally. Except when we get sad that we can’t sit around designing toys all day, every day. But really, it helps us see the larger potential in each other and as a group. Not only does it build morale but it also reminds us why we do this for a living.

AIGA: Do you walk away refreshed and inspired?

The Hicks: Yes (but also starving). It’s a creative recharging to see unique, inspiring work and to hear the process in which it is achieved. Sometimes we work so hard that we don’t look up to see what else is out there; this gives us the opportunity to do just that without distraction. And after the conference and hearing all that creativity you can’t help but feel inspired.

AIGA: Is it hard to actually close down shop for a day? Can the agency live without you?

The Hicks: Absolutely difficult. We have to plan for it, for sure. It’s always hard to set aside a whole day, but everyone knows it’s well worth it. It definitely helps that the conference is on a Friday and Saturday. We just all work together to make it happen. Leave no Hicks behind!

AIGA: Is this an easy sell to upper management?

The Hicks: Our president Jane Wheeler is the creative director! She encourages us to do this.

We hope to see you at the 20th Annual AIGA San Diego Y Design Conference. Less than 50 seats remain so register today to reserve your seat!Roni Hicks Creative Department

By AIGA San Diego Tijuana
Published March 5, 2015