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2022 is a year not to be missed with AIGA San Diego.

“Our steadfast focus on the future of design is one of the most essential facets of AIGA San Diego,” says President MaeLin Levine, founder of Visual Asylum. “Our leadership is passionate about cultivating a dynamic and vibrant brand that expresses the vision and values of our chapter and our members. Like many, we’ve experienced a season of tremendous change and have emerged as a different, stronger organization.” says Levine.

This commitment is the driving force behind a recent initiative to reimagine AIGA San Diego’s brand presence. The effort was a collaborative one, engaging a spectrum of design and brand leaders from across San Diego and Tijuana.

As AIGA San Diego gears up for a fast-paced schedule of high-impact, cross-cultural events in the international spotlight, the refresh is a timely one, and nothing was ‘off the table.’

Since AIGA San Diego chartered in 1987, they have enjoyed a reputation of bold, audacious originality, which they characterize as AUDAZ.

“We’ve always been trailblazers and risk takers,” says local brand mastermind Don Hollis, founder of Hollis Brand Culture. “It’s these characteristics that have propelled AIGA San Diego as a creative catalyst and community partner. We naturally gravitate toward opportunities that impact the community for good through the power of design.”

Hollis was part of the team that guided the brand revitalization. Over the next several months AIGA San Diego will introduce new design elements and a refreshed ‘manifesto’ reflecting the organization’s vision, mission and core values. Next on the slate is a web reinvention, which will digitally cascade the updated brand throughout the site and enhance accessibility with bilingual content strategy.

This action-oriented nonprofit is well-suited for the work ahead and will play a leading role in support of the recently announced 2024 World Design Capital. AIGA San Diego President MaeLin Levine led the successful bid effort and ultimate designation of San Diego/Tijuana as the first binational region to be recognized by the World Design Organization (WDO). 2024 will mark the ninth cycle for the program, which has previously featured Torino (Italy), Cape Town (South Africa), Seoul (South Korea) and Lille Metropole (France) and current host city of Valencia (Spain) among others.

Looking ahead to the international visibility this unique opportunity affords, an accurate reflection of the longevity, diversity and relevance of AIGA’s influence within the San Diego/Tijuana region took top priority.

“Our design community is award winning and world-renowned,” says Levine.  “The unique type of cross-cultural collaboration and innovation that we’re known for are the direct outcome of relationships that have evolved over decades. This is just one of many qualities that sets us apart in all of the best ways.” says Levine.

All the visual elements come together based on a solid strategic foundation.
A refreshed color palette that is first and foremost accessible but also bold and versatile, can be loud and audacious, and quiet and subtle. The vibrant palette is a good representation of San Diego and Tijuana.
The common denominator of the brand is the 45° diagonal line. It is a small element with significant meaning. 
The brand evolution honors the past of AIGA while focusing on the uniqueness of our local chapter and our future plans.
While not a radical change, it is in the details and the slight improvements that make a brand unique and ownable.


AIGA San Diego was established in 1987 as a chapter of AIGA, the Professional Association of Design. Founded in 1914, AIGA now comprises more than 70 chapters worldwide and exists to advocate for a greater understanding of the value of design and designers in government, business and media. AIGA San Diego has distinguished itself beyond typical professional networking organizations through community contribution and impact, as reflected in the creation of the nationally-recognized initiatives such as the annual Y Conference, the Urban Art Trail, Tweet Street urban park, the Soviet Poster Exhibition, Contacto/o Binational Exhibition and more. The organization serves the San Diego/Tijuana region as the voice of design leadership, and champions design as a powerful change agent essential to the greater good of the community. 

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By AIGA San Diego Tijuana
Published May 30, 2022