AIGA San Diego Invites Local Design Professionals to Give Feedback

Your Input Helps Shape the Future of Design Education in California Public Schools

San Diego design leaders MaeLin Levine, Sean Bacon and Min Choi are serving on a statewide advisory board that connects AIGA chapters throughout California with the California Department of Education. Together this team is tasked with reimagining the curriculum standards for Design Education within California public schools and community colleges.

“Raising student awareness helps young creatives contextualize the diverse opportunities that exist in design,” says MaeLin Levine, President of AIGA San Diego. “A statewide curriculum will help more students connect the dots to the next steps that help them move toward that goal.”

The advisory group is led by Sam Cabrera, President of AIGA LA, and Allison Frenzel, head of the California Department of Education’s Arts, Media  & Entertainment Sector (CDE-AME). The group members include AIGA chapter leaders, design leaders, educators, administrators and researchers from across California and beyond.
The goal of the advisory board is to create more access and equity in design education throughout California public schools and build new pathways into the design industry, in the form of apprenticeship programs and entry-level roles.
Key issues the advisory group will explore include:

  • How to most effectively raise student awareness of design career paths
  • Developing Design Curriculum for High School students
  • Helping students prepare for design careers with portfolio building in mind while still in high school
  • Identifying today’s most relevant aspects of design and anticipating what skills will be in demand in the future 

If you are interested in ongoing involvement in support of early design education, consider volunteering with AIGA San Diego’s LINK program. Created to provide free online art and design workshops for high school students, the program serves students between the ages of 14-19. Focused on making design career pathways accessible for all, LINK also helps students secure scholarships that open doors to college and countless professional design opportunities. Learn more by emailing the program director at



AIGA San Diego was established in 1987 as a chapter of AIGA, the Professional Association of Design. Founded in 1914, AIGA now comprises more than 70 chapters worldwide and exists to advocate for a greater understanding of the value of design and designers in government, business and media. AIGA San Diego has distinguished itself beyond typical professional networking organizations through community contribution and impact, as reflected in the creation of the nationally-recognized initiatives such as the annual Y Conference, the Urban Art Trail, Tweet Street urban park, the Soviet Poster Exhibition, Contacto/o Binational Exhibition and more. The organization serves the San Diego/Tijuana region as the voice of design leadership, and champions design as a powerful change agent essential to the greater good of the community. 

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By AIGA San Diego Tijuana
Published August 3, 2022