20 years of the Y. In under 2 minutes.

With the AIGA San Diego Y Conference celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, we wanted to celebrate by looking back at the past while celebrating the future.

Enter Fernando Campos of Poetica Films.

Fernando volunteered to put together a video of footage from the past 20 years. Some of the source materials of video were VHS tapes from the 1990s.

“We had a lot of formats and the quality of some of the original material had begun to deteriorate,” said Fernando. “The challenge was how to put it all  together in a seamless way. The format became part of the story.”

Fernando’s goal was to showcase the excitement of the last 20 years while introducing this year’s conference theme of Velocity.

Fernando added a subtle storyline throughout the video montage. “Viewers can read as much into the story as they want.”

“The challenge was how to put it all  together in a seamless way. The format became part of the story.”

– Fernando Campos

The video opens up on a woman giving us a glimpse of how future interfaces with technology might work. Then we go back in time to when this woman is a girl. She interfaces with older forms of technology beginning with a first-gen iPod. Throughout the video, you are taken on a continual back and forth timeline jumping between footage of previous conferences and pop culture and then present conference footage with strategically inserted cuts back to other forms of technology.

We see the girl walking around the city and the beach. “This represents the idea that the work we create is influenced by what we have seen or experienced. The film ends with the girl looking at a poster in a Starbucks and cutting to today’s Velocity footage.

Poetica Films is the creative playground for Fernando, who has years of experience as a creative director on both the agency and client side. “It’s my creative outlet where I collaborate making films with agencies and artists,” he says.

You can check out more work by Poetica Films here.

By AIGA San Diego Tijuana
Published April 30, 2015