Candice Warner
Email Marketing Director

Favorite font

Display: Regal, Body: Centuma Thin, Guilty Pleasure: Courier (so organized and predictable)

Music I create to

My 100 Pandora stations on shuffle (the limit is 100, if you’re curious).
Including: Hip Hop Beats, 80s Hair Metal, Elvis’ Blue Christmas (yup, all year round), Country (all of it), TLC.

My first job

First design job: Intern at Jack in the Box
First job job: Einstein’s Bagels

What inspires me

Hard workers who know when to take breaks, anything unexpected made with paper, and bottomless mimosas (or any combination of the 3).

Advice to new designers

“If you never take the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?”

I love AIGA because

We’re a like-minded group of badasses.