Theresa Zettner

Theresa is a recent design graduate of San Diego City College with a focus in branding and motion design. This North Park resident offers her services as a freelance designer to clients and agencies throughout the San Diego region. Zettner values her AIGA membership, and sees it as a crossroads that helps deepen her creative community and provide valuable visibility to design-focused events, organizations and opportunities. Theresa began her career as a programs and events planner for the YMCA. She later made a conscious choice to pivot, pursuing her passion of a career in design. Zettner is also an accomplished ultimate frisbee competitor with over a decade of experience, competing most recently in the 2021 San Diego Super Bloom of the Western Ultimate League. 


What is your background?

I live in North Park, and recently graduated from San Diego City College’s graphic design program with a focus in branding and motion design. Currently I am freelancing while I learn more about the San Diego design community.

Why did you decide to become an AIGA Member?

I decided to join the AIGA because I want to invest in San Diego within my sphere of interests- so I’m excited to be a part of a community of supportive designers, and I also love design-related events.

What are you most proud of professionally?

I am most proud of switching careers. I was previously working as a community manager at the Y, and as much as I love event planning and program management, graphic design has really always been my dream. It took me a long time, but I feel so proud for taking the time to pursue and follow through on this for myself.

What are your other interests outside of work?

Outside of work I play competitive ultimate frisbee, and have played for about a decade now. I actually competed on a professional team within the Western Ultimate League last year for San Diego Super Bloom.