July is National Ice Cream Month!

What the world needs now… is ICE CREAM, and lots of it. Because it’s easier to chill with the cold, sweet, creamy taste of caramel (or any other flavor for that matter).

July is National Ice Cream Month, so whether you roll with one scoop or two, waffle cone or sugar cone, soft-serve or shaved… come together this summer to celebrate what makes us all wonderfully different…over ice cream. And remember, it takes all sorts of styles and flavors to make a world.

We’re kicking off our celebration with a variety of tasty treats from around the world.

  • Philippines: Halo Halo
  • Mexico: Paletas + Shaved ice
  • India: Kulfi
  • US: Banana Split
  • Japan: Kakigori
  • Italy: Gelato
  • Turkey: Dondurma
  • Japanese-American: Mochi Ice Cream
  • Denmark: Waffle Cones
  • US: Stick Pops
  • Hawaiian: Shaved Ice
  • Lebanese: Milk Ice Cream Booza / Buzza

Order up your favorite sweet treat and dig-in!

Diversity and Inclusion
By AIGA San Diego
Published July 1, 2020