Designing Big Data

AIGA San Diego is pleased to bring two big data designers from Los Angeles, Talin Koutnouyan and Edahn Small, to discuss how graphics reasoning is used to help us understand design strategies for displaying data representations.

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Displays of complex data are so common that although most of us don’t understand how they were rendered, we read them with little difficulty. Think of visual maps like transit schedules, weather forecasts and the endless stream of interactive visual elements that help you to go about your daily life. Creating ease of legibility is the beauty of designing with big data, but how is the contextual nature of so many visual elements illustrated?

As designers we understand that there are numerous ways to present information, construct knowledge and display data. But what about BIG data? How does one depict quantitative evidence? Are there standards for evaluating visual expressions of ideas and experience? How does one come to conclusions before applying context to content in an illustrative manner, whether on a two or three dimensional plane? AIGA SD is pleased to bring our members two big data designers, Talin Koutnouyan and Edahn Small, who will show how graphical reasoning is used to help us understand design strategies for displaying big data representations.


2:00 PM: Meet & Greet
2:45 PM: Introduction
2:55 PM: Speakers
3:35 PM: Q&A
4:00 PM: Closing Remarks

Refreshments to be provided.


Street parking. 2 hour parking right in front of thinkParallax.
Free parking closer to the beach.
Large parking lot at Moonlight Beach about 3 blocks from thinkParallax.
Train station 1 block from thinkParallax.

About Our Speakers


Talin Koutnouyan
Talin is an Analytics Director at Ayzenberg where she specializes in designing, implementing, analyzing and bringing forth impactful research and advanced measurement techniques that are relevant to client challenges. Early experiences at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab fueled her passion for scientific precision and creativity, but also taught her the limitations of data and the critical importance of interpretation.

Edahn Small
Edahn Small heads the design team at Hypothesis, a consumer insights, design, and creative agency specializing in consumer-centric research. He and his team are responsible for translating data and insights into compelling and persuasive visuals and presentations. Edahn’s work has been featured on Slideshare, Note & Point, and Prezi. He holds a BA in Psychology, an MS in Counseling, and a JD.

When & Where
Sat, Mar 3, 2018 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
555 Second Street #1
Encinitas, CA 92024
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