San Diego
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Petra Ives

Membership Director


lime1 Design, Inc

Favorite font

Right now: Hypatia, Scala Sans, Antiqua, Stymie (might change next month…)

Music I create to

Bon Iver, Massive Attack, classical piano like Ludovico Einaudi and so much more.

My first job

work in a sausage stand (Germany), be the Red Robin mascot bird (US)

What inspires me

other people, travel (seeing new places), just being out and about: watching, exchanging, inhaling.

Advice to new designers

don’t wait for the perfect job, just throw yourself into work and create, create, create. See every small project as an opportunity to do something great. Collect experiences, learn, grow and before long the perfect job will find you…

Why I love AIGA

the community. the exchange. the people. the opportunities. the fun.

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