Judi Pelayo
Development Co-Director



Favorite font:

I don’t have a favorite font, but I do have go to fonts that I use often & work well across different designs: Helvetica Neue & Stag.

Music I create to:

I work best while listening to podcasts, audiobooks or NPR news. I am entranced by the stories and loose track of time, I find it relaxing and informative.

My first job:

My first job was working with the Los Angeles Unified School District as an after school coach. I was in high school and it was a part-time job. I wanted to be a teacher and I enjoyed having the opportunity to work with children. It was a great experience and one of the most fun jobs I’ve had.

What inspires me:

The youth inspire me, other designers, nature & laughter.

Advice to new designers:

Do not be complacent, hustle your way to the top, learn how to take criticism & never stop learning.

I love AIGA because:

It allows me to connect with like-minded individuals who I can learn from and be inspired by, also I have the opportunity to give back to my community.