Candice Warner
Email Marketing Director

Favorite font

Display – Regal

Body – Centuma Thin

Guilty Pleasure – Courier (so organized and predictable)

Music I create to: Music I create to

My 100 Pandora stations on shuffle (the limit is 100, if you’re curious).

Including: Hip Hop Beats, 80s Hair Metal, Elvis’ Blue Christmas (yup, all year round), Country (all of it), TLC.

My first job

First design job – Intern at Jack in the Box
First job job – Einstein’s Bagels

What inspires me

Hard workers who know when to take breaks, anything unexpected made with paper, and bottomless mimosas (or any combination of the 3).

Advice to new designers:

“If you never take the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?”

I love AIGA because

We’re a like-minded group of badasses.